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Appetite for Career Destruction: Mickey Rourke on "WrestleMania"?

By admin Published: January 26, 2009

(UPDATE: Mickey's rep says he's not going to do "Wrestlemania." Well, not now at least. Let's see what happens if his career goes back to its pre-"Wrestler" level.)

Even with impressive turns in movies like "Diner" and "Barfly,"
Mickey Rourke went off the career charts to, among other things, pursue a boxing career. He has rebounded lately with "The Wrestler," Oscar-nominated for best actor (and one of my friends came into the office today full of praise for his performance) -- so naturally he's talking about doing "WrestleMania." Or so he told "Extra." Release after the jump.

From "Extra":

Is art imitating life?? At last night’s SAG Awards, The Wrestler’s Mickey Rourke told “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli that he plans to get back in the ring – for real!

The Golden Globe winner reveals he “almost didn’t do the film. [But] things worked out.” Rourke continues, “Now, Vince [McMahon] wants me to do Wrestle Mania in Houston…Chris Jericho... I'm coming after you’re a**... You better get yourself in shape brother... I'm going to do it!” When Penacoli asks Rourke if he’s serious, he exclaims, “You bet you’re a** I'm going to do it!"

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