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''Are You Drunk Right Now?''

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 12, 2006

I have finally sat through the 10 minutes of Diane Sawyer's interview with Mel Gibson that ''Good Morning America'' aired today, with more to come tomorrow. (I fast-forwarded through the shamelessly promotional 2 1/2 minutes ''GMA'' devoted to the Gibson story during its first half-hour, to plug the actual interview in the second half-hour.)

And, as you can see from the headline on this post, I think there was another question for Gibson to answer.

Gibson's seeming nervousness, his twitches and widening eyes, his out-of-place smiling, his still apparent lack of awareness of the gravity of what he's done -- looked to me like a drunk trying to josh his way past the cop that has just pulled him over. Better, to be sure, than what Gibson did when he really was pulled over this summer, but still a bad reaction. Maybe he was just hugely uncomfortable. But it was a great opportunity for the question Sawyer didn't ask.

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