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As the "Heroes" Turn

By admin Published: December 4, 2007

If I only had a brain ...

It wasn't far into the episode before I began thinking that it looked like a bad daytime soap opera -- lots of expository and revelatory dialogue, often delivered in closeup as if being addressed directly to the camera. This was not good.

In fact, the episode as a whole was astoundingly bad. If I had more energy and enthusiasm I would elaborate. But let's just say that the characters, Peter in particular, made quite a few bonehead moves. That the dialogue was as clunky as the staging of the scenes. That it made me feel no great longing to see what happens next, or even to think much about what happened.

Some questions:

Did the fallen timber in the fire really look all that difficult to get past or around?

Shouldn't Micah's gadget-controlling powers have let him stall the red van the night Monica was taken?

Anyone else see the pattern in the virus ashes?

Which was worse: the "shocking" shooting as Nathan is about to reveal his secret, Elle's lousy attempt to get Sylar, or the Maya-Sylar-Suresh-Molly confrontation where everyone except Suresh has a power to unleash and it comes down to who has a gun?

Feel free to submit your own write-in on that point.

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