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Back and Badder Than Ever

By admin Published: November 26, 2007

What do you mean, you didn't see my movie until today?

Pleasant enough weekend and I'm hoping to post at greater length later today. But a few thoughts for now. ...

-- I've been waiting to feel strongly about one of the teams on "Amazing Race," and now I do. I hate the blondes. Not only because of their unpleasant comments a week ago but because of their U-turning a team when they didn't have to. I had hoped that by the end of the episode karma would have bitten them, but not yet. And considering the clips from next week's show, they'll at least be good for some more entertainment.

-- This is how superstitious I can get: Watching a bit of New England and Philadelphia last night, I turned off the TV as soon as Philadelphia took the lead late in the third quarter. I was hoping that, by mentally freezing the game with NE trailing, I could make that permanent. Didn't work, but it was worth a try.

-- Finally caught "Thank You For Smoking" this morning. Have heard about it, and heard good things, but had not yet actually watched it. Wish I had seen it sooner. Very clever, fun use of different narrative devices, solid performance by Aaron Eckhart. But it was one of those movies that would have been better if it didn't have to end. It went flat from the congressional hearing onward. And I would have liked to see much more Robert Duvall. (Strange how we get to recognize some actors. The first view of Duvall was from the back, with just the shape of his bald head in view, and I still thought, "Hey, isn't that Robert Duvall?")

-- If I ever cross paths with you in public, I hope I'm polite. While my level of fame is pretty minor (and below that of several other people who work at the Beacon Journal), I always try to be aware that someone might know who I am, and I don't want anyone to think badlly of the paper just because they've seen me on a bad day. Still, there's a risk. On Friday, the bride and I went on a major shopping mission that started with enough haste that I was unshaven and in an old sweatshirt. Which of course meant that a checkout clerk recognized my name. Which of course meant that I apologized for my appearance.

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