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Back From a Break

By admin Published: June 21, 2010

Below, I have posted some DVD/Blu-ray announcements and an update about the "25 Hill" production, all of which landed in my mailbox while I was on holiday.

And a good holiday it was for the bride and me, sitting in the sun on Sanibel Island, FL. No oil, thank goodness. And recommendations (which I mentioned in a Facebook post) include Song of the Sea to stay in (and free breakfast), the fries at Island Cow, tilapia tacos and cinnamon bread from Jerry's, grilled shrimp sandwich at Hungry Heron, onion rings and burgers at Cheeburger Cheeburger.

Brutally hot at times -- and the water could feel bathtub-warm -- but still a good getaway. The trip back was something of a nightmare, with our flight delayed 10 hours after the aircraft needed new brakes and a tire -- and the brakes had to be driven to the Fort Myers airport from Orlando. Think about that: an airline had to drive a part to another airport. Which took many hours, as opposed to a short flight. But that is apparently how Continental does things.

But before then, good times. Besides watching some basketball and World Cup soccer, I saw "Twilight" and "New Moon" to get ready for "Eclipse." (I had missed the movies previously.) "Twilight" was painfully slow. "New Moon" was an improvement until its later sections, when it got too silly. But am curious about the new film. More enjoyable was "Justified." I had liked the few episodes I saw before its premiere but never got back to it; over vacation I watched about half the first season and found still more pleasures along the way. Am hoping to finish off the first season sometime this summer.

My light reading included Stieg Larsson's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl Who Played With Fire." The first one was a lot of work to get into, the second more enjoyable, and I expect to be reading the third soon. But, inevitably, I had questions about what shape the books might have taken had Larssson lived longer; I think an editor might have said, come on, do we need to know every object Salander bought for her apartment? Really, every object? Still, the books gathered speed as they went along, and the second one works especially well in terms of character. Or Salander's character at least. I still tend to think of Blomkvist as a drip.

Also tried to do some work; have been reading the first volume of Leon Edel's five-volume biography of Henry James, scribbling notes for comparison of James's life with Mark Twain's. Much to consider, but I confess to reading less than I probably should have. The beach was just too fine for concentration ...

Also, you can find my most recent mailbag, a look at "Memphis Beat," a few words about Denis Leary and my review of "Toy Story 3," all of which ran in the Beacon Journal during my vacation.

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