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Back From a (Sort of) Break

By admin Published: November 13, 2007

After working Saturday, I spent the better part of Sunday and Monday away from the job. (Well, aside from writing a column on Sunday.)

It was time for one of our family projects -- cleaning the garage. And I mean really cleaning the garage: going through long-ignored boxes, and in so doing spending a good bit of time on memory lane.

There was some TV in there, mainly bits of Browns-Steelers on Sunday, and "The Amazing Race" on Sunday night. (Very nice to have it back, although I'm surprised by the lack of urgency in some teams' attitudes.) But Monday night we let the TV stay off -- with the DVRs humming for post-break viewing.

Instead I took a shot at reading. Finally finished Walter Isaacson's Einstein biography. Started Don DeLillo's "Underworld." I'm only about 10 years late getting to that one.

Today it's back to viewing and writing, and the office, and posting. What did I miss?

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