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Back From the Weekend ...

By admin Published: April 2, 2007

Sorry, Team Guido, but you were doomed ...

Haven't blogged much about "The Amazing Race," but I have been watching. And while I understand all the anger about Mirna and Charla -- especially when they try to speak with a foreign accent -- they remain thoroughly entertaining, and don't even have to don a suit of armor to be so. Last night's chat in the car, with a weary Charla just letting Mirna rant, was the high point -- and proof that these two have been bickering all their lives.

So would I like them to win? Wouldn't mind it, but they're not my first choice. I like Danny/Oswald and Uchenna/Joyce quite a bit, and would take either of them or M/C over Eric/Danielle or Dustin/Kandice. (Had to look up their names. I just think of them as the Barbies.) But I'd probably give the edge to Danny/Oswald because they haven't won before.

When I sat down to watch last night, I was somewhat tired and ready for an hour. When the bride told me it was two, I hit the record button on the DVR, not sure I could make it through. But I did, which should tell you that it kept my attention.

I get a little cringey over things like the visit to Auschwitz but "Amazing Race" was smart enough to use it just as a historical touchstone. Can you imagine the sort of challenge they might have come up with?

Food challenges throw off some people. But I'm still a patsy for anything that involves hurling. And you should know that. Didn't I like "Blades of Glory"?

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