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Back in Action

By admin Published: November 30, 2009

Took a long holiday weekend (Thursday through Sunday), although not exactly a vacation: housecleaning, other chores, shopping in stores and online, getting out the decorations, family trip to Pennsylvania, University of Akron soccer game, ongoing work on my Henry James term paper. (Complete draft done, thank goodness.) Good times but busy ones. Did manage to watch "The Amazing Race" (bumming over the Globetrotters' ouster, although they were crazy to take the penalty; not pleased with Sam&Dan's gamesmanship). Not a great season, but it has kept me more or less entertained. Caught up with last Wednesday's "Modern Family" in bits, with the final chunk watched this morning; oh, my, what a funny show it continues to be. Possibly my favorite line: "I used to have a cat." Also dipped into my DVD of "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian"; not quite as amusing as the original, and it felt long, but I laughed here and there, and it passed the time while I was digesting turkey.

In the weekend's non-TV activities, one huge delight was seeing Akron beat Stanford to remain undefeated and continue its march through the NCAA men's soccer tournament. The bride and I have been steady attenders of UA soccer, and it's kind of cool to see all the people who are now discovering how very good the team is. (It would be cooler if the university had provided enough stands and seats to comfortably accommodate the regular fans and the newcomers.) And UA seems to be getting better; at least it dominated Stanford to a far greater extent than we would have expected in an NCAA Sweet 16 game. No nail-biting in this one, just fun -- and the pleasure of sitting with fans who admire a well-executed pass almost as much as a goal being scored.

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