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Back on the Block: "Rules of Engagement," "Saving Grace"

By admin Published: March 2, 2009

"Rules of Engagement," which baffles me, and "Saving Grace," which has delighted in the past, both return to TV tonight. More after the jump.

I dutifully gave "Rules of Engagement" another try, since I keep thinking I should find it funnier. Megyn Price has skills, and I liked David Spade on "Just Shoot Me," and Patrick Warburton has had his moments. But the show still just sits there, as if it's assuming that we will be amused by all these people even when they're not all that amusing and Warburton delivers every line exactly the same way. Guest appearance tonight by Bob Odenkirk, but I was still so bored overall that I didn't even bother to watch a second episode CBS sent for preview.

I was far more enthused about "Saving Grace," which I like a great deal, and in which Holly Hunter gives a consistently fine performance. TNT sent out three episodes but I just watched the first and skimmed the second, since I want to save them for night-time viewing with the bride when I have a break from schoolwork and the viewing options are slim.

A big change in this new batch of episodes is the introduction of Grace's new, temporary partner, played by Christina Ricci, an actress I also like but who seems muted in this role. It is interesting to see Grace deal with a woman partner, since she has so often been one of the guys, and there are a couple of good moments in tonight's show. But based on that and the skim of next week's episode, I'm not sure that the show has figured out the dynamics of the squad with a new person in the middle of it. And the show is still pushing some old storylines along, though not very effectively. I'm not giving up on "Saving Grace" by any means, but

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