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By admin Published: June 29, 2009


And back to work. (Maynard G. Krebs, pictured, can tell you about how to react to work.)  Good to be home and among friends, but I am still thinking about those Hawaiian beaches. This will pass soon enough.

A few notes upon returning:

As I think I have said before, if you're flying Continental, leave your legs at home. And maybe an arm. The flights were on time (even early on our last leg back), but they were also crammed full, and Continental's idea of what constitutes leg room is a lot less generous than mine. The close to 10 hours in the air on return from Hawaii was made bearable only by having a mid-point change in LA. Gave us a little time to restore circulation.

As I already mentioned on Facebook, the idea of paying for luggage may be a good one for the airlines -- especially now that gas prices have come back from their uppermost extremes -- but they add to the burden of traveling. Carry-on bags are getting much bigger, and the idea of that "personal item" to go with the carry-on is also ever more vast. Those lead to hugely stuffed cargo bins, and more delays in getting on and off planes as people deal with loading and unloading their swag. Not to mention the perils of getting sideswiped by an aggressive traveler with a wheeled case and a backpack.

On the other hand, I am all for the individual screens and on-demand activities we encountered on some flights. Video poker passes the time.

On more of a work-related note, those of you who have checked in here over the past week know that I was not entirely off the blog while on vacation. The culture doesn't stop. My urge to talk about it remains. But it is eerie how my vacations seem to coincide with celebrities' deaths. And not just this year. In '08, I was home and packing -- and word came that Tim Russert had died.

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