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By Rich Heldenfels Published: February 17, 2012

There have been some technical issues with this thing since the production of it changed. Between that and some other obligations, I took a break. But here's some of what I have been up to:

In Thursday's Beacon Journal and, you can find a couple of pieces, the weekly mailbag and a look at the Oscar contenders in short-film categories (animated, live-action and documentary). Showings begin today at the Capitol Theatre in Cleveland. The Oscars, by the way, define a short film as 40 minutes or less.

Finished and awaiting publication is an interview I did with Arsenio Hall on Wednesday. Hall, a Cleveland native and Kent State alum, is on the new season of "Celebrity Apprentice," which begins Sunday on NBC. He was also a good friend of Whitney Houston and Don Cornelius, and we talked about that as well as his latest TV venture. I've talked to Arsenio a few times in the past and have always liked him; in fact, as I said on Twitter, Wednesday involved talking to several good folks -- Hall, writer-producer Tom Fontana (who has a Borgia series coming to DVD next Tuesday) and Bob DiBiasio of the Cleveland Indians. I'll be writing up the chat with Fontana today for publication Sunday, so keep an eye out for that, and the DiBiasio piece will be in a about a week.

HBO will soon air a much-talked-about movie, "Game Change," about Sarah Palin and the 2008 presidential election. I recently read the book it is based on, and found it a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of the campaign. But Palin is a relatively small part of tbe book, which devotes far more space to the Democratic rivalry between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And, frankly, that's a much more interesting story than Palin's.

Always interesting to see how phrases enter the culture. For instance, a recent note publicizing the new ABC series "GCB" refers to it to being about "the 1% in Texas." The series has been in the works (and undergone several title changes, from "Good Christian Bitches" to "Good Christian Belles" to the current moniker) since long before the percent phrase became commmon.

And speaking of phrases, a CNN publicity note required a revision after it told reporters about an exclusive interview with Whitney Houston's friend "Robert Flack." That should have been Roberta.







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