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Bertinelli, Vitale on Berkus Show Thursday

By admin Published: February 2, 2011

Photo credit: Anders Krusberg/Sony Pictures Television.

Local folks should find this of particular interest given Vitale's NE Ohio ties. The official word:

Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale join host Nate Berkus for their very first television interview as husband and wife on the Thursday, February 3rd edition of the nationally-syndicated, “The Nate Berkus Show” (check your local listings or visit During a mini-version of “The Newlywed Game,” the “Hot in Cleveland” actress dishes on her celebrity crush, how she has been maintaining a 40-lb weight loss and shares her secrets to keeping intimacy alive in her six-year relationship.

Selected quotes:

On how it feels to say ‘husband’ again:
Valerie: “I’m still getting used to it because we’ve been together for six years, so he’s been my boyfriend, my partner, my buddy. It’s really nice to call him ‘husband,’ because he means a lot to me and it just sounds appropriate for how I feel about him. He’s a pain in my *ss too, but we won’t talk about that…”

Valerie on her celebrity crush:
Valerie: “I mean, I have a super crush on Ricky Gervais, but [Tom] knows that, but I would never [sleep with him], I mean Ricky Gervais wouldn’t sleep with me either. I think he’s very happily together with someone (she hesitates)…as am I…Honey!”

On how she’s maintained a 40-lb weight loss for the past three years:
Valerie: “I definitely feel better. I’m much more active than I used to be. But the thing is with me, and I think a lot of women who have lost weight, or even men, I still feel like that fat girl is inside me. So maintaining it is just that extra added pressure of not wanting to back to where I was before. But also, feeling like I really deserve the body I’ve worked hard to get…I almost let her out, but then I think about the bikini I need to wear every summer, and I have it in every color so I want to keep being able to wear that. Stress, is mainly something that I try to keep a handle on because I’m a real emotional eater. I have to remember that I can’t eat my emotions; I can only nourish my body.”

About being in Love with her husband Tom
Valerie: “…When I met Tom, a whole new world opened up to me that I had really shut myself off of. I really thought I was going to live, being fat, and have 40 cats and never be married again. He really opened my eyes, that I can married to my best buddy.”

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