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"Beverly Hills, 90210" Flashback: "Spring Dance"

By admin Published: September 21, 2008


Originally aired May 2, 1991. The next to last episode of the first season. Brenda and Dylan get a room, Brandon is luring the ladies, Steve has a meltdown.

Summary: Everyone is thinking about the spring dance. Steve has his eye on a hot girl, Darla. Kelly is one of the Spring Princesses, which makes her eligible for Spring Queen. Andrea is wondering if Brandon is going to the dance; Brandon hates to dance and he and Andrea discuss just hanging out on dance night.

Steve approaches Darla, who doesn't know him. When he asks her to the dance, she asks if it's in his car and says no because "I don't do 'Vettes." Brenda talks to Andrea about asking Brandon to the dance. But she wishes Brandon had asked her -- "if he really wanted to ask me, he would have asked me."

Kelly comes to the Peach Pit and asks Brandon to the dance. "I will show you a really good time," she says. Steve then arrives and asks Kelly, but she is now going with Brandon. Steve fumes. Kelly urges Steve to ask Donna, with Brandon saying they can then all go as friends. Steve does ask Donna, although he says it will "totally platonic." Donna, nervous, says yes.

Kelly starts working out details with Brandon, including the limo issue. He says he can't afford a limo. "I'm a spring princess!" she says indignantly. But they'll go in the limo Dylan has arranged. Andrea talks to Brandon about their plans, but Brandon is now going to the dance. Andrea's hurt, Brandon is puzzled, Kelly understands (thanks to the "Slumber Party" episode). Brandon tries to sort it out with Andrea, but she's still mad.

Brandon gets his tux, with Dylan and Steve consulting. They discuss the price of the night (although Kelly is picking up a lot of Brandon's tab), with Steve noting the $500 could also get you "the finest call girl in L.A." Steve spills that Dylan has rented a hotel room, but Dylan says "I don't talk about that stuff." Steve quizzes Brandon who insists he and Kelly are going as friends.

Over on Rodeo Drive, Kelly and Brenda are looking at dresses. They both like the same one, but Kelly calls it a cheap knock-off and tosses it aside. Donna, meanwhile, has chosen a large, difficult-to-move-in, red creation. And, on dance night, Brenda and Kelly have the same dress. (And Steve is drinking.) Brenda and Kelly argue. Kelly again plays the "I'm a spring princess" card. Nobody changes dress.

At home, Andrea is in her jammies, eating ice cream and watching the movie "Prom Nightmare." At the dance, Kelly and Brenda are still spatting, Steve is still drinking and Donna can't manuever in her dress. Dylan calms Brenda by assuring her that it is "our night," and he has a hotel room. The Rave-Ups play.

Kelly gets Brandon to dance. Donna wants to dance, too, but Steve says "maybe later." David Silver bets Scott $20 that he will dance with Kelly by the end of the night.

Dylan is ready to go to the hotel room. Brenda is worried that he will be disappointed. He reassures her, saying, "I love you." Kelly, meanwhile, is telling Brandon that "I thought you were cute since the first time you moved here." He admits he is attracted, too, but he had held back because of Steve, and because Kelly is Brenda's best friend. Kelly notes that Dylan is his best friend, but still went after Brenda. Big dance-floor kiss ensues. But Brandon still thinks "something doesn't feel right ... I know you too well or something." Kelly persists. Steve intervenes, insults Kelly, Brandon argues, Steve feels friendless and goes away. Brandon follows him. Steve tells Brandon that it's his birthday, and he recently found out he was adopted, and he's confused about it, and he confided in Kelly, but she doesn't care.

Kelly is spring queen. (Brad Phillips is king.) A dance contest will pick people to dance with the king and queen. David enters the contest. . Andrea is watching the horror movie and fantasizing about going to the spring dance with a chainsaw -- and chasing Kelly. She snaps out of it and asks to borrow her mother's evening gown.

Brandon gets Kelly to talk to Steve. They argue, nastil. Andrea shows up at the dance and tells Brandon she didn't want to regret missing things in high school.

Sex has gone well for Dylan and Brenda. (Earlier, she said, "How many girls get to have sex for the first time with someone they love?") Donna is still bedeviled by her dress. Brenda sees Kelly, who can tell that Brenda and Dylan did it. David wins the dance contest and dances with Kelly, although she doesn't like it. Steve cuts in, to apologize to Kelly. She is gentle with him -- then gets him to dance with Donna. Kelly gives her crown to Andrea. Dylan says, "Spring is in the air."

Summary: With this and with the season finale, "Home Again," "Beverly Hills, 90210," is very much what it would find success as being -- soapy, a little sexy, focused on the complicated relationships among the kids, and more clearly serialized. The Kelly-Brandon thing, for example, follows up on their chemistry during the election campaign; Dylan-Brenda takes a step that will have consequences in both the season finale and in the second-season premiere, and Steve's friendship with Brandon will resonate in the season finale. The show still has problems fitting Donna into the bigger stories, so she serves here as comic relief, and it's clear that the show needs only one semi-goofy younger kid, and it will be David, not Scott. Jim and Cindy will be pivotal in the season finale, but here they are marginalized; Jim's biggest contribution is comparing the matched-dressed Brenda and Kelly to the Bobbsey Twins just after Kelly has made the same comparison -- as a pejorative. Love it or hate it, the formula is cooking.

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