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Big Bunch of Weekend Viewing, Part I: "Saturday Night Live," "The Amazing Race"

By admin Published: March 16, 2009

"How can I miss you when you won't go away?
Keep telling you day after day
But you won't listen, you always stay and stay
How can I miss you when you won't go away?"
-- Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks

Over the weekend, Saturday was the first great Weather Permitting day of spring, with lots of outside chores. (The wind-blown arbor stands again, the leaves around the sprouting flowers are gone, and some of the garage pile has been dispersed.) Being outside was also part of the 5th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Weekend with the bride; nice weather tops any gift I might have come up with. Then, on Sunday, we went out for our anniversary dinner and generally relaxed, including a big catch-up on TV from the past week. I'm going to break the viewing down into chunks, starting with a couple of the more recently aired shows.

"Saturday Night Live," eek. I have to say that my usual viewing of "SNL" consists of watching the sketches and fast-forwarding through most of the musical acts. Reverse process here. Kelly Clarkson was lively and listenable, while Tracy Morgan's hosting was generally disappointing. It wasn't that Morgan was noticeably worse than when he was a regular on the show, or even than when he appears on "30 Rock" (where Tina Fey, who guested briefly and did some writing on his "SNL," gives Morgan a lot better writing). It was that he was in so much of the show, far more than was beneficial. And really, Brian Fellow? It wasn't consistently funny when he did it on the show before. I have to wonder if the "really" bit during "Weekend Update," where Tracy did not understand the whole nature of a "really" bit, was an arch commentary on his appearance on the show -- he's here, he wants to do everything, but he neither gets "SNL's" current brand of humor nor brings a sensibility that fits with the show.

Blah. Blah.

As for "Amazing Race," you should know by now that it was a non-elimination leg, and so everyone is still in the game (although the last-place Christie & Jodi will face a speed bump on the next leg). Still a prretty entertaining episode, but I suspect America's underwear manufacturers may not have been delighted, what with Christie in a pixel-requiring thong and Jen declaring she did not wear underwear at all.

The big disappointment: Victor dumping his alliance just to gain an advantage. I hope this comes back to haunt him. Biggest laugh: Mark and Michael being so confused that they don't even see or hear Phil summoning them to the finish line.

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