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Bikini Model Image Awards?

By RD Heldenfels Published: January 16, 2006

I'm still laughing about the following press release, as big a monument to delusional self-importance as I expect to see -- well, this week:

Puerto Vallarta will host Sept 3, 2006 the 1st Annual International Bikini Model Image Awards which is part of the 21st Annual International Bikini Jam Week 2006 (Aug 29 - Sept 4). Over 200 bikini models and photographers from over ten countries will be competing.

"The Bikini Model Image Awards will be a very unique event," stated director Bob Anderson. "It is an event honoring bikini models and showcasing how the bikini, a simple fashion garment has grown into one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. Well known figures will be receiving awards."

Bob Anderson is the owner of one of the most successful swimwear companies in the world. He founded the Ujena swimwear company in 1984. Prior to Ujena, at age 17, he started Runner's World magazine and built it into a $30 million dollar company reaching over 490,000 paid circulation world wide. He has been developing the idea for the Bikini Model Image Awards over the last three years.

"We will be presenting six women," stated Bob Anderson, "the Bikini Model Image Award for outstanding achievement in modeling, entertainment, business, or athletics. Each has modeled the bikini and feels this experience has helped advance their career."

Those nominated (as of January 12) are: Elizabeth Hurley, Salma Hayek, Cindy Margolis (Talk show host, model and actress), Anita Hart (Stunt Women in over 100 films), Karen Wolverton-Delaney (owner of LUSH Cosmetics), Pamela Anderson, Christine Brinkley, and Anna Kournikova (Tennis Star). Additionally nominations will be announced by Feb 1st.

"Bikini modeling helped me get into what I love to do," stated Anita Hart. "I worked with Pamela Anderson on a swimwear video in Bora Bora...I did a high dive out of a helicopter into the ocean...I would be most excited to return to Puerto Vallarta in September to receive the Bikini Model Image Award."

Bob Anderson will announce these six models at a special dinner (during the Streets of San Francisco Fashion Photo Tour) in San Francisco Feb 25.

"The Bikini Model Image Awards is much more than just an awards show. It’s part of the Puerto Vallarta International Bikini Jam Week 2006 and the 21st Annual Ujena Bikini Jam featuring location photo shoots, the Puerto Vallarta International Ujena 5k Run/Walk, nightly parties and fashion shows," said public relations director Catherine Cross.

The Ujena 5k Run is unique. It is the only race in the world that features bikini models along with elite runners. Fitness is a very important part of modeling and photography. Contestants in the Bikini Jam are required to compete and earn valuable points by finishing.

"I am glad Bob requires the models to run the and modeling go together. I have participated in the Ujena 5k four times. Just recently I have been asked to be a Ujena staff model...I know it will be hot in September but I am returning and will be ready to run," Martha Gonzales stated.

"This will be the 19th year we have held the Ujena 5k in different cities including Cancun, Cabo and San Francisco. I have run in all of them...I hope to run under 20 minutes this year," Bob Anderson said.

"This year's Ujena 5k is going to be the biggest ever. I am expecting over 700 runners. A portion of all entry fees will be donated to Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross). Bob is hoping to raise a lot of money...he will also make his own personal donation," stated race director Carlos Arceo who created the famous PV International Half Marathon.

"We first worked with Cruz Roja last year in San Jose del Cabo...their funds have been very stretched recently...the hurricane in Cancun was terrible...Cruz Roja was there to help. Whatever we can raise will be well used," stated Bob Anderson.    

Over 200 models and photographers from all over the world will be competing for the Bikini Model of the Year and the Bikini Photographer of the Year awards presented by Ujena Swimwear at the Bikini Model Image Awards.

The genius behind the Bikini Model Image Awards reaches far beyond the potential worldwide exposure it will attract.

"We are also inviting companies who are recognized and well known for incorporating the natural attraction of the bikini into their business success. All of these companies will share this common thread and all will also have the opportunity to build a powerful promotional campaign around finding their very own Bikini Model Image Award winner," stated Bob Anderson.

Most models will be selected by July 1st and will be presented the Bikini Model Image Award in Puerto Vallarta.

Some companies we are inviting to the Bikini Model Image Awards are: National Lampoon, One Model Place, Maxim, Fear Factor, FHM, Rockstar, Baywatch, Playboy, Howard Stern, Lush Cosmetics and others. Only ten companies will be accepted to participate in these awards.

Over $150,000 of gifts, prizes, trips and cash will be awarded at the Ujena Bikini Jam. The competing models and photographers will be featured at and at
The Bikini Model Image Awards will also feature exciting musical entertainment.

"This is going to be the start of a very important event. It’s uniqueness will capture the attention of millions of people," Bob Anderson concluded.

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