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"Bones": You're Animals!

By admin Published: May 1, 2009

I've expressed my enjoyment of "Bones" before, and I don't miss an episode even if I am lax about writing about them. It's at once a geek-science show, a romantic comedy and an ensemble comedy drawing on the eccentricities of its many characters for entertainment. Bones and Booth may be in the middle, but I keep watching in part because I like so many of the other characters, too.

The show can also throw in demented flourishes, and last night included several in an extended nod to "Animal House." As I noted on Twitter and FB last night, the episode -- set at a local college -- had characters with names like Greg Harmalard, Dean Vernon Warner and Robert Hooper, all variations on the names of "Animal House" characters. But there was more -- an "Otter" mascot, for example, the dean having a sexually reckless wife and several scenes involving the building of a parade float. I kept waiting for Stephen Bishop to drop by.

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