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''Book of Daniel''

By RD Heldenfels Published: January 27, 2006

I may watch ''The Book of Daniel'' tonight, no thanks to NBC. I have one or two episodes stored on my DVR that I haven't gotten to yet. Since the network has pulled the show, apparently permanently, I'll just have to watch the recorded telecasts instead of NBC's substitute.

I know, the ratings were not good. But they weren't good for ''The Office'' at first, and the network held that show to its bosom, nurtured it, waited for a time slot where it might perform, searched for a compatible show -- until tadaaa, everything came together on Thursday nights. The comedy -- which, don't misunderstand, I also like -- has already been renewed for 2006-07.

I know the competition is brutal now, and that ''Book of Daniel'' had a longer run than ''Emily's Reasons Why Not,'' killed after a single telecast. Imagine the joy that quick hook brought to the Life magazine newspaper supplement, which today has Heather Graham on the cover, and calls her ''TV's sexiest star'' and ''TV's new darling.'' I guess that's meant in terms of, ''Darling, I have some bad news ...''

But ''Emily's Reasons'' was a really horrible show. Regular blog readers will recall my apologies to Target Demo -- aka my 30-year-old stepdaughter -- after I asked her to watch it. ''Book of Daniel'' was a good show, one that deserved a chance to find an audience. So I have to conclude that the controversy about the show, however wrong-headed, played a role in its demise. And I have to believe NBC lost faith in the program.

So, NBC, you'll understand if I don't attend your services tonight.

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