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By admin Published: August 5, 2008


Christopher Knight has been signed as host of the new TV version of "Trivial Pursuit" premiering Sept. 22. His official bio is so odd-sounding, I had to pass it along. After the jump. (By the way, while the bio details his forays into reality TV, the press release announcing his hosting mentioned only his "Brady Bunch" connection.)

The bio:

Once and forever a Brady! Christopher Knight met life as a child actor, starring as Peter Brady in the TV classic hit show The Brady Bunch. A reluctant icon, Christopher has focused his adult years on interests beyond the entertainment industry, particularly the corporate world of computers and high technology. Yet, due to the omnipresent and flourishing legacy of all things Brady, Christopher’s successful endeavors beyond show biz exist in peaceful subordination to his portrayal of Peter and his arguably estimable contribution to American pop culture. So in an act of self-unification, in 2003 Christopher has returned to his entertainment roots and is now once again re-established as an actor, host, spokesperson and erstwhile entertainment figure.

Christopher’s corporate existence in his adult years didn’t constitute a full retirement from show business – he has starred or otherwise participated in the plethora of periodic Brady films, television movies, series, gatherings, discussions and retrospectives. Christopher also has exploited his status as an entertainment figure by availing himself to several projects as a host and spokesperson, including projects such as the American Counseling Association’s 2002 & 2003 “Healthy Skin, Healthy Outlook” campaign that went on to received the Gold Triangle Award both years Knight served as spokesperson. Christopher was also privileged to be the spokesperson for the National Consumer League’s “AD/HD Campaign” speaking in Washington DC at the National Press Club on the sensitive subject of AD/HD, as he himself is an adult with ADD. Known as a person of fitness, Christopher was also brought on as the spokesman for a popular personal workout product, Ab Lounge XL® in 2006.

In 2003, Christopher was asked to host a segment on the Travel Channel series’ “TV Road Trip” starring the late John Ritter. When the series was optioned for a second cycle Christopher was offered to “Host” the series. It was in fact this participation that lead to the rekindling of Christopher’s interest in being in front and behind the camera.

Christopher was soon signed up for the celebrity version of Discovery Health Channel’s “Body Challenge,” which debuted in the fall of 2004. Soon after, Knight took part in an unforgettable Fourth Season of VH1’s hit Surreal Life, which not only boosted his professional image and reinstated his star status, but also lead to a life-altering experience, sparking his high-profile romance with Surreal Life co-star and America’s Next Top Model Winner Adrianne Curry, placing Knight squarely back in the spotlight. This new union commanded much interest from the viewing public, eventually yielding the creation of their own Television series, VH1’s “My Fair Brady” that chronicled the trials and tribulations of one of America’s new favorite celebrity couples. Season I of “My Fair Brady” held to the top spot on the network, ending in an unforgettable marriage proposal from Knight. Captivated audiences numbering in millions demanded more, and more they got, as Season II, titled “My Fair Brady: We’re Getting Married!” premiered in May of 2006 kicking off a season that took the couple straight to the Altar the critically acclaimed and much publicized Finale! Drawing on the success of the first two seasons, the now-wed Chris and Adrianne shot yet another season of My Fair Brady, called My Fair Brady, Maybe Baby, that aired on VH1 early this year with a huge finale that took place in early March, 2008.

Grateful at this unique second opportunity at an acting career, Christopher relishes the chance at experiencing celebrity now as a seasoned, experienced, “well-baked” adult. Over the last couple of years, Christopher’s on-screen endeavors included special guest appearances on such hit TV shows as FX’s “Dirt”, FOX’s “That 70’s Show”, WB’s “Blue Collar TV”, and ABC’s “Less Than Perfect” among others. He has also starred as the lead in the independent film, “Light Years Away”, co-starring Eric Roberts as well as in the Horror Thriller “Fallen Angels”, both released in late 2007. Last, but certainly not least, Knight has been working on several projects with his now wife, model and TV personality Adrianne Curry, projects, that will surely keep his fans glued to the screen for a long time to come.

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