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Busy Monday Night

By admin Published: May 5, 2008

Had an out-of-the-house commitment, so I'll save most of my Monday viewing notes for tomorrow. Well, most of them. Watched "Dancing With the Stars" and was stunned (again) by judges' comments and scores. The free pass one contestant got -- oh, my goodness. .... Yes, I think I will rant some now. ...

Cristian and Cheryl in first place. What a big steaming crock that is. The suggestion that anyone couldn't tell he had a problem with one arm is ludicrous. The dogging of Kristi (whom I thought was a little off on her first dance) continues to be outrageous. I also thought Jason Taylor was better than the judges indicated. And if Carrie Ann faults Marissa for failing to do something that, in CA's opinion, Kristi nailed -- then how did CA give CA and Marissa the same score? Shouldn't Marissa have been lower.

What we got tonight was talent show's obsession with the journey. It wasn't just about keeping Kristi and Jason from running away with the competition. It was about celebrating Cristian's grit and triumph over adversity, about telling a story more than judging a dance. And it was utter nonsense.

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