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Calvin Trillin

By admin Published: November 15, 2006

Since yesterday, Calvin Trillin has been meeting with classes and -- tonight -- giving a talk at the University of Akron. I have spent part of each day hanging around while he talked, and here and there talking to him as well. I have collected a lot of string, and I am beginning to see what I can make of it -- which is a good thing, since I have to write the story Thursday.

I am also in a bit of a panic. Regular readers here know that I am a Trillin fan, so I am trying to write about a writer who is light years better than I am. Even composing an e-mail put me in a sweat. And I asked for this assignment.

We'll see how the string fits together. Fitting this into my schedule has been challenging by itself. I went to work a bit early this morning, to finish my mailbag column for Thursday (since it was due today). Then I went to a class where Trillin talked. Then I went back to the office -- in walking range of the UA campus -- and worked on a HeldenFiles column for Wednesday and the daily Pop Quiz question-and-answer before going back to UA, where Trillin talked to another class, and then stuck around while he talked to some students informally.

I think I have mentioned here before the merits of just hanging around. You end up with more material than you need, but you also have more to choose from when you write the story. So I was glad to do it. Then I went back to the office to finish the HeldenFiles before heading home for a little time with my family -- before going back to the university to hear Trillin's talk tonight.

A lot of bouncing around there, and more later. Since getting home, I've spent a little time on research for another project I have to do this week. But how can I complain? I was listening to Trillin. And tomorrow I'll listen some more.

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