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Carell Reaffirms "Office" Exit Strategy

By admin Published: June 28, 2010

According to, Steve Carell is still saying the coming season could be his last on "The Office." Speculation about the show's future has not yet reached LeBron levels, but it's getting fairly intense.

I am feeling less worked up for the simple reason that I fell off the "Office" bus this past season. The show felt ever less humorous, more convoluted, and simply tired. Potentially interesting turns, such as the sale of Dunder Mifflin, didn't really pay off. It was just too much of an effort to watch, save when critical obligation made me do so. The best moment I saw in the latter half of the season may have been one of the last -- when the show held out the possibility that Holly (the splendid Amy Ryan) could return.

Of course, that now looks like one way the show is setting up Michael's departure -- that he and Holly could go off happily together. And that would set the show even more apart from its British predecessor, where David Brent left his business for financial misery (even if that misery included the insane, hilarious "If You Don't Know Me By Now" video).

But it seems more likely that Carell is making end-of-contract noises because he knows that the show will never reach the level it did at first, and that this past season's weary tone was that of a series winding down.

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