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Catching Up, Looking Ahead

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 31, 2006

I spent part of the weekend diving back into the world of TV as seen at home (as opposed to the total-immersion world of the past couple of weeks). Organized the stack of DVDs at home, and expect to have a new DVD column this week -- and possibly some posts here.

Caught last week's ''Rescue Me,'' which did nothing to change my previous objections to the show. (Today's mail included a disc with tomorrow's episode, so I may post at greater length after watching it.)

Caught last night's ''Entourage,'' which I am enjoying immensely; Vince's march toward career self-destruction is not only entertaining, it's a departure from the sort of personal self-abuse that fueled ''The E! True Hollywood Story.''

Saw a little baseball, including a post-game interview with Eric Wedge where he looked worn out, not only from the team's decline (and that was before the team made its most recent trades) but -- I'd guess -- from a deepening realization that this is most likely his last year as Indians manager.

Looking ahead, I finally watched ''Three Moons Over Milford,'' which clearly thought itself far cuter than I did, and began going through some new episodes of ''Weeds,'' a show that I still have an ongoing love/hate relationship with -- one that continued through three new episodes. I'll post something after I watch the other two on the disc.

All of which means that the best TV viewing I had over the weekend came from the embarrassingly old Netflix pile. I was at last in the mood for ''A History of Violence.'' And will probably be in the mood to see it again.

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