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Catching Up: "My Name Is Earl," "30 Rock," "Reaper"

By admin Published: October 12, 2007

If Howie had been a tad slower, Stephen Furst might be hosting "Deal or No Deal" now.

More disappointment from "30 Rock" and "Reaper," big fun with "Earl," after the jump. ...

I saw last night's "30 Rock" about a week ago, and it was a letdown, especially after the pretty funny Jerry Seinfeld episode.

Given my disappointment in last night's "Office," there's an argument to be made that "My Name Is Earl" was the most laugh-out-loud funny show on NBC last night. If you haven't watched yet, go over to and tune in. Then consider lines like:

"You're going to feel awful bad is this turns out to be Baby Jesus or a tumor."

"Sweet spots."

"I tried all of fifth grade to get rid of that nickname."

AND ...

"That's like the Cadillac of cars."

I'm not going to quote the lines about sake or Al Roker (who is apparently a name to be dropped for all the Thursday night comedies). But it's a vigorously funny show right now.

Looking back to Tuesday night, I've now seen three episodes of "Reaper," and what started out as my favorite new show of the season has settled into tedium.

Although this week found the characters settling more into soul-hunting (and I did like the extension-cord bandoliers), and Ray Wise is a wonderful devil, the show still feels like one plot endlessly repeated, and not in a good, "I Love Lucy" kind of way. It needs to get much, much better.

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