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Catching Up on TV: "Private Practice" Wednesday, "SNL" Thursday

By admin Published: October 10, 2008


If this picture looks weird to you, it does to me, too...

As far as I can tell, "Private Practice" on Wednesday had plans and even longer scenes for a somewhat different episode -- one that offered more detail about how the Tom Amandes character, with Taye Diggs above, got involved with the clinic. But apparently they were content to just let the dialogue allude to it, although the bride and I kept feeling as if we had missed a show somewhere along the way.

But that wasn't the only problem with "Private Practice" this week. Yes, I liked some of the things in the episode. How could I not be amused by Amy Brenneman saying "ass-fat" a few million times? In fact, I like generally the way Violet has become more assertive than she was in the first season. Addison's increased strength is also a nice change, and financial crisis at the clinic has given people something to deal with beyond their relationships. Amandes, the former "Everwood" star, knows how to deliver the tears.

But the episode also had a high ick factor. The incest storyline was certainly part of it, and the show went for too easy an out, relieving Addison of the need to finally make a decision. Tim Daly's relationship with the new receptionist was also unpleasant -- the seeming age difference (as well as the indication that the receptionist has been quite active sexually) indicates things are going to end badly, but why go there at all? And the attempt to have various characters weigh in on different issues after awhile began to feel like an episode of "The View." And not a particularly interesting episode of "The View" at that.

Moving on to "Saturday Night Live's" Thursday edition, what a waste of airtime that was. All right, so I've seen a couple of new episodes of "30 Rock" and they have me even more eager to get the show back -- so "SNL" Thursday suffers by comparison. But it would suffer by comparison to almost anything else, too. The debate sketch had a weak premise in the cutting-off for time reasons, and nowhere to go with it. Think back to how much more effectively "SNL" did with the Bush-Dukakis debate, forcing Dana Carvey's Bush to fill his allotted time when he had nothing else to say. This wasn't in that league.

Weekend Update had a couple of good laughs in the "Really?!?" segment, but that was about it. "Fix It!" went nowhere. The Hall & Oates gag had promise, but didn't live up to it. I keep thinking it might have been funnier if Oates had to remain mute while Hall sang, in keeping with the group's public image. But they probably wouldn't have known how to make that consistently funny either.

Oh, well.

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