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Catching Up: "Pushing Daisies," "Private Practice," "Grey's Anatomy," "Dirty Sexy Money," "House"

By admin Published: October 13, 2007

The scene that persuaded me to watch "Pushing Daisies" at least once more.

(You know, after listening to Chip Caray declare "Here come the Yankees" too many times, it was kind of nice just now to hear Joe Buck punctuate a Cleveland rally with "Here come the Indians." But that's not what I'm here to talk about.)

I think it's "Mad Men" fatigue. That show was so good, other hours are having a hard time measuring up ...

To start with the show that has the video selection above, "Pushing Daisies" is just too cutesy -- and painfully slow because it is so busy being cute, and sometimes just not all that cute. (A burly guy who knits. Not too inventive, that.) Yet the whole Kristin Chenoweth/"Hopelessly Devoted"/dancing-with-the-dog segment was indeed amusing and sweet and charming. If the show could feel more like that more often, I might begin to enjoy it. As it is, that bit was, as I said at the beginning of the post, enough to get me back one more week.

I don't think I have another week of "Dirty Sexy Money" in me. Not that I hate it. More that I am just bored by it. The show certainly tries, and it's wittier than the old prime-time soaps that it both recalls and gently parodies. But the plots and schemes just do not interest me. If I was trapped in a mountain cabin that only got one channel, and the only show on that channel was "Dirty Sexy Money," and I was snowbound, and I had absolutely nothing else to do, then I would watch it and not mind very much. But I'm not likely to devote more DVR space to it.

I didn't hate either "Private Practice" or "Grey's Anatomy" this week, and I suppose that's a sign of improvement. That, or I was watching at a point when I was too tired to get emotional. In any case, "Private Practice" moved along without excessive offense, though it didn't give me any big reason to come back, either. I'm still waiting for some sign of the old Addison, and this week just found her squishy-soft again.

As for "Grey's," my feelings are more complicated. I see hints of the old "Grey's," of humor and of good character interaction. But there's still the Izzie Problem. She's a terrible person and a worse doctor. Her treatment of the old guy, and the business with the tubes, were still more proof that she shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a patient. As for Alex's slagging of George, unless I missed a moment where he realized that Izzie and George are together again, it just seemed petty and jealous. To be sure, that's the old Alex. But that Alex was put aside last season and the beginning of this one, so a sudden and public re-emergence of his old self felt out of character. But "Grey's" modus operandi is people going out of character.

I do like "House," but this week's was pretty blah. I think the finding-a-new-team thread has gotten pretty thin, and none of the new characters work as well with House as the old ones did. And we've seen House confronted before about faith-vs.-medicine, and this confrontation didn't add anything.

The Foreman scenes had some oomph, because they showed Foreman trying to be the anti-House -- praising people, for goodness sake -- but having to fight his own, inner House. And when he took a House-like risk, it bit him in the backside. The only way he is going to be the doctor he wants to be is while working in a place that tolerates the antics of his mentor -- and, so, presumably would tolerate someone else acting the same way.

But it's not "Mad Men."

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