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Catching Up With "Lost"

By admin Published: April 11, 2007

I'm pretty well convinced now that the best way to watch "Lost" is about once a month ...

I'll add some notes later about tonight's telecast, because I am finally in position to watch again in real time.(Alas, it's Thursday morning and I haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe tonight.) I spent part of my day off today watching episodes that had been stockpiled on the DVR, so I'm up to speed on plot twists and all that.

At least one of those episodes might have annoyed me if I had had to wait a week until another one. You know which. Yup, the one with the two passengers we had hardly seen. Although I mildly enjoyed the jab at "Alias" and a conclusion that felt straight out of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," and could giggle at the way Locke and Hurley are both "Expose" viewers, it was still a place-holding episode where nothing much happened in terms of the total narrative.

But I didn't mind that nearly as much when I was seeing it in a sequence with other pieces, so that the story moved on quickly. And, having seen a bunch of shows back to back, I'm ready to see where it goes tonight.

Knowing, of course, that I may be thoroughly ticked off at the end of tonight's show.

As for what I've seen, the connection of Locke to spiritualism has sure gotten blatant: Ben's wooing him with the magic box made me think of the devil tempting Jesus in the desert.

Having seen the promos for this week, I already feel bad for Sawyer. He actually seemed to like being the leader. Yes, we could have reasonably suspected that Hurley was scamming him. But I didn't see the reason coming, and liked what it was.

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