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Catching Up With "Lost"

By admin Published: February 12, 2009

Based on last week's episode of "Lost" (which I belatedly finished this morning) and last night's (ditto), this is the best show on television right now. Or at least the most exciting. Spoilers in abundance after the jump. ...

"Lost" is so much on a roll right now, I'm happy just to be riding along. Last week's episode contained two terrific, holy-moley moments with the return of Jin and then the encounter with the young Danielle Rousseau. I was just grinning my head off about it. I was less moved this week by the death of Charlotte because -- as Jin reminds -- death is such a fluid thing on "Lost."

But my favorite moment of the last two weeks was Sawyer's seeing Past Kate during one of the time shifts. One of the biggest emotional scenes in recent history, and Sawyer gave it all the pain and lost and longing that it needed. And while the title "Lost" has plenty of different meanings, from the simple act of being lost on an island to the now more common lost in time, we can never forget that the characters carry some kind of intense personal loss, and that Sawyer felt it thoroughly when he saw Kate again.

As for that wacky thing that "Lost" calls a plot, the ever more rapid time shifts somehow felt easier to follow once we've known what is going on. (And I much love that the burning question now is "When are we?") Ben remains the monster of ambiguity, still making us wonder if he's good or bad. I still lean toward bad, especially after the business with his attorney, but can never be sure. Indeed, "Lost" right now is doing a splendid job of filling in the blanks while still keeping us guessing on other issues.

Other good things: Seeing what made Rousseau the way she is, the pulling of the Frenchman's arm, Locke with Jack's father, Desmond showing up at the church the same time as Jack/Ben/Sun, and ... oh, all of it.

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