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Catherine Bell and the Coin Flip

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 15, 2005

''JAG's'' Catherine Bell was here today to talk about ''Triangle,'' a miniseries she's doing for SciFi. So afterward, I had to ask her about the coin flip.

You know the one I mean: In the ''JAG'' finale, it was supposed to decide whether Harm or Mac left the Navy and followed the other. The show didn't let audiences see who won, so I asked Bell what she thought.

"I did, of course,'' she said with a laugh.

She did wish for a better ending, saying ''we didn't know if we were coming back when we filmed the last episode.'' (Even though star David James Elliott had decided to leave at the end of the season, there were attempts to reframe the show in a way that would keep it going.) ''It would have been nice to know, because I think (series creator) Don Bellisario would really have written quite an ending. This was a little more open-ended. (But) I still think it works.''

Although there was talk about her starring in a ''JAG' spinoff, that did not happen. ''Triangle,'' for that matter, ends in a way that could lead to a regular series. Still, she said she's not committed past the miniseries, and is thinking instead about finding a situation comedy.

''I really hesitate doing another one-hour drama,'' she said. '"It's such a commitment, and so many hours, and I have a 2-year-old now. So, sitcoms and movies are where I'm going now.''

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