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CBS Comedies: "Big Bang Theory," "HIMYM," "Men"

By admin Published: May 5, 2009

Between "Big Bang Theory," "Amazing Race" and "Two and a Half Men," it's been a big week for bathrooms on CBS. ...

"Big Bang Theory," pictured above, had a lot of rude fun with a malfunctioning toilet in space, doubling that with a storyline about Leonard and Penny which seemed to be establishing a later storyline. But as much as I try to like "Big Bang," the show always ends up feeling a little flat. Last night's episode didn't have a real payoff to the toilet story or to Leonard/Penny. Just kind of sat there -- unlike the astronauts.

Couldn't resist one joke.

The bathroom came into play on "Two and a Half Men" as Charlie and Alan had to adjust to Charlie's fiancee moving in -- including with a makeover of the bathroom and the introduction of a cat and its litter box. Some funny moments, and a knowing look at what happens when people move in together. But you could guess what was going to happen with the apartment before the reveal. And Rose, prominently featured last week, has vanished again.

On "How I Met Your Mother," weren't you waiting for some mention of Robin being on Barney's list? Which number she was, say, or which women on the list bracketed her, more about how she felt about Barney's whole drive toward 200. I know that Robin is somewhat Barney-esque about sex, but the episode needed at least a note about it.

I did like the pregnant/food poisoning bit.

As for the bigger issue of Ted re-encountering Stella, who cares? I have long since stopped watching "HIMYM" for Ted; he's far less interesting than Barney, Marshall, Lily or Robin, and the push back to the whole "who's mom" issue is of no great urgency to me. Still, I don't particularly want it to be Stella, and it may not be. From a CBS release about next week's episode:

In his attempt to assuage his guilt for "ruining Ted's life," Tony, Stella's fiancé, insists on helping Ted find a job, but only manages to prove that no good deed goes unpunished.

At least there's a Barney storyline, too. But I miss Lily.

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