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Celebrity Waiter?

By admin Published: January 30, 2007

I managed to sit through last night's "Studio 60" (as well as the last 15 minutes or so of "24" which is NBA-like in holding the real drama until the clock is ticking down). Mostly a snooze, once again no point to a two-parter. But I did perk up at the reference to the TCA being in town.

TCA is the Television Critics Association. I'm a member, and you have read about some of its gatherings in this blog.

On "Studio 60," Tom, in a bad lie, claimed that he had to be a celebrity waiter at a TCA event. The lie was bad because there was no point to it, and because his getting caught seemed inevitable -- pretty much the way you knew that Danny and Jordan were going to get locked on the roof before the door even snapped shut. (And how many cell phones would be unable -- oh, never mind, it's not worth it.)

Now, I have been to many TCA events over the last 22 years and I don't remember one with celebrity waiters. That said, I do remember:

-- Craig Kilborn having Jell-O shots delivered to everyone present at a TCA awards.

-- Jimmy Kimmel working the grill one lunchtime.

-- Richard Simmons carrying a tray of fruit to reporters.

-- A Fran Drescher press conference accompanied by bags of her croutons.

So maybe Aaron Sorkin was a waiter one time, and I just didn't notice.

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