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Cleveland Before Dawn

By admin Published: January 22, 2009

At about 5 o'clock this morning I was pulling into the parking lot at WEWS (Channel 5) in Cleveland. Folks at the station had asked me to talk about what might happen at this morning's Oscar nominations ...

... and to do it in their studio. So I was up at 3, on the road at 4, hanging around the studio at 5 and on the air at about 5:40 and again an hour later. The people at Channel 5 were very nice and did their best to help me not look like what I am -- an overly talkative, overweight, semi-old guy.

I've been on TV before, locally and on a couple of occasions nationally, and I am reminded every time how difficult TV can be for people who don't do it regularly. Meaning me. Glanced at myself on a monitor before the first segment, cringed and didn't look again. Wondered in the middle of sentences what exactly I was trying to say, lost track of a question I had been asked, felt words turning to mush in my mouth, asked myself belatedly if the sweater had been a good idea.

At the end of the first segment, I wandered off to the bathroom for a stand-up act and then to the vending machines (the latter for some caffeine, which I hadn't had yet), only to have a producer catch up with me a little later to tell me my wireless mike was still live. Although another staffer told me that the sound didn't go out, I am still imagining the unexpected entertainment I may have provided, from what I was doing and my habit of talking out loud to myself. Then, between the segments, with nothing particular to do, I roamed the Channel 5 newsroom, only to realize (eventually) that the news set was backed by a window into the newsroom -- and I had been on camera as I ambled around.

But, as I said, folks were nice, and tried to make this all as painless as it might be. Even better, by 7 a.m. I was done, back on the road, and back where I more rightly belong -- at a keyboard.

The video can also be found here if it's still processing at YouTube.

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