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By RD Heldenfels Published: July 20, 2005

I'm still a little new at this blog system, and am not quite sure how to reply to comments. So I'm going to do it here.

On the Al Gore posting, about trying to get a question in at a Gore press conference, a reader asked: ''So what were the questions (and answers)? ''

My first question (suggested by a colleague) was, "How current will Current be? For instance, can you go live with reports or events?''

Current Programming President David Neuman took that one, saying ""We will imminently have the ability to do that when merited, and it will be a judgment call.''

My other question was to Gore: ''When mainstream cable networks look at what they think the audience wants, we get the runaway bride and Aruba. How are you going to be sure that you're giving the audience what they need, as well as what they want?''

Gore's reply was: ''We're going about it in a completely new and different way. I know that you all have probably been saturated with so-called reality TV. In our experience ... a lot of reality TV quickly becomes fantasy TV with people who, from real life, are assigned to play certain roles. We think of ourselves as authenticity TV, with the difference being that the people who are watching have the opportunity to actually help make the programming. And by interacting with us on a regular basis, it's not a question of conducting focus groups or polls or advertising surveys. It's a question of being in an intelligent ongoing dialogue with our audience and learning from them as we invite them to participate.''

Which, as I said in the Beacon Journal, doesn't quite answer my question. You can find more of what Gore had to say in my story, posted on

The other reader comment, about ''The Closer,'' said in part that ''I'm also glad to again see Barry Shabaka Henley and the bald actor (can't remember his name)...both from the Tom Sizemore cop show that was cancelled.''

The show was ''Robbery Homicide Division,'' and Michael Paul Chan is the other actor on ''The Closer'' who was also on ''Robbery Homicide.'' But he's not the only one in the ''Closer'' cast who is hair-challenged. J.K. Simmons is as well; you may remember him from ''Oz'' or a recurring role in ''Law & Order.''

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