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Commercials Everywhere

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 6, 2005

The other day, my wife was checking out some baseball highlights online. (The best was that Ronnie Belliard catch.) Before some of the highlights showed, there was a promotional spot for hurricane relief.

All right, so that was for charity. But this morning, I decided to look at the online video selections from the Cream reunion concert. And before some songs played, I had to sit through an actual commercial.

Where there are moving pictures, there is advertising. It might be the ads we see in movie theaters. Or the promotional spots on DVD collections (and, before that, on VHS). Or, now, ads with video online. (And I'm not even going to start a rant about pop-up ads. There's not enough time.)  It's annoying as all get out, like a surtax. You pay for a DVD, putting the cash directly in the distributor's pocket. Or you pay for an online service. Then they extract a little extra, in the form of their ads and your time.

Nature of the beast, I know. But it also makes even good things feel cheap.

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