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Couples Conversation

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 12, 2006

In case you missed it, I have a column in today's Beacon Journal about how we view celebrity couples -- and whether we should take romantic inspiration from them. You can find the piece here.

The lists with it -- couples that make you go awwww, couples that make you go ewww, and other topics -- were compiled with a lot of help from the people in my office. We did so knowing that there were probably some couples -- and views of them -- that we left out. So here's a place you can add your thoughts. Just use the comment section below. And thanks in advance for your participation.

The bride and I went to the Cavs game last night, and I expect to post some thoughts later today about the way television has influenced what we see at live events. And, of course, I'll have more on the Olympics. I recorded a bunch last night and will be watching some today. I'm intrigued by what the Michelle Kwan story will do to coverage; does this mean still MORE Bode Miller, or does Emily Hughes become a big topic?

And, since I talked about sports and reality TV in an earlier post, here's a comment NBC passed along from Scott Hamilton: "This is drama.  The Olympics is the ultimate reality show."

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