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"CSI": Goodbye, Warrick

By admin Published: May 16, 2008


Not the best farewell ...

Well, it was known that Gary Dourdan was leaving the show -- and he has some considerable personal problems to deal with. But considering that he's a very good actor and had given long service to the show, I would have expected a better send-off than this one.

Did anyone among you not think that Warrick was doomed even before he left the diner? Something about the way everyone else departed, it felt as if he was going to be shot, the car was going to blow up, something. As soon as there was a tap on his car window, it was even more clear that it was over. And when the tapper was McKeen, well -- they'd said that a beat cop wasn't going to take out Gedda on his own.

Of course, that wasn't the only place that the episode felt labored. Even when Warrick had been arrested, we got those slow, lingering shots of the other characters studying him in the back of the car, which felt like an everyone-gets-a-goodbye-shot. Same thing, then, in the diner. An awful lot of effort with not much impact.

Part of my weariness may have had to do with the whole let's-band-together storyline; "Bones" did a similar thing not long ago, with Temperance's father on trial, and "Bones" did it better.

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