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CW Premiere Dates, A Few Minutes With Keith Marder

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 17, 2006

Here's the new-season rollout for the CW:

Sept. 20 -- ''America's Next Top Model,'' two-hour premiere.

Sept. 22 -- ''Friday Night Smackdown.''

Sept. 25 -- ''7th Heaven'' and ''Runaway.''

Sept. 26 -- ''Gilmore Girls.''

Sept. 27 -- ''One Tree Hill.''

Sept. 28 -- ''Smallville'' and ''Supernatural.''

Oct. 1 -- ''Everybody Hates Chris,'' ''All of Us,'' ''Girlfriends,'' ''The Game,'' ''Top Model'' (repeat).

Oct. 3 -- ''Veronica Mars.''

The announcement came during The CW's day on press tour, and it managed to carry over a tradition from the old days of The WB and UPN: introductory remarks from Keith Marder, then with The WB, now with CSTV. The CW brought him back for an appearance and here are a few of his lines:

''It was a crazy development season. Even the White House pitched a show: 'Stop or My Vice President Will Shoot.' ''

''Later today, the CW will unveil its strategy, including its new marketing slogan: 'Two wrongs DO make a right.' ''

''The landmark announcement regarding the formation of the CW was one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood history. But they could have been even more clandestine. They could have broadcast their meetings in episodes of 'Pepper Dennis.' ''

''Star Jones quit 'The View' four months after they fired her.''

''The only show with more profanity than 'Deadwood' is 'Lucky Louie.' Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't tell them apart -- except for the fact that 'Deadwood' is funnier. ... Notice they didn't call it 'Funny Louie.' Or 'Charming Louie.' Or even 'Remotely Interesting Louie.' ''

''You know what's exactly like 'The Sopranos'? World Cup soccer. The Italians won, everybody watched, and now they go away for four years. ... It was Germany's best finish in an international competition since the invasion of Poland.''

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