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''Dancing'' Notes

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 27, 2006

Thanks for all the recent comments. Didn't get to much TV on Tuesday night -- life keeps getting in the way -- except for  ''Dancing With the Stars.'' But that did raise a few questions:

What's with all the hostility toward Emmitt Smith?

Did they seriously think Sara Evans danced well, or were they just blinded by her cleavage? (It was quite a night for heaving bosoms, and not just hers.)

I know the show is deliberately kitschy, but what was going on with the women's costumes?

Have any of the judges actually seen pictures of Dorothy Dandridge?

In the end, last night felt like one where the judges -- between cries of ''no lifts!'' -- were trying to balance out the field, to keep the likes of Smith and Joey Lawrence from running away with the competition, and to bring Willa Ford and Evans back into serious contention. But they may just have been trying to fire up the audience -- mobilizing the base for contestants either through ire (the judges slagged our favorite!) or enthusiasm (the people were like were called good tonight!). Then you get more votes and a bigger tune-in.

But come on, the lowest score of the night for Smith?

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