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"Dancing" Results

By admin Published: April 17, 2007

Tonight's stuff, after the jump (which does not, by the way, include a "stumble") ...

Recap. Includes Carrie Ann's "worst dancer in the competition" clip about Clyde. And he really is the one who should go.

Leaderboard, in descending order: Apolo, Laila, Joey, Ian, Heather, John, Billy Ray, Clyde. Encore dance goes to Apolo, of course, since they scored a perfect 30 the night before. (They were very good, but I think the tiger costume got them extra points.) Break.

Pros perform to "Zoot Suit Riot." Plug for another tour this summer. Samantha chats with Heather, Joey and Apolo. She refers to Heather's fall as a "stumble." (They show it again later. It's a FALL.) Reminds Joey of the judges' "too feminine" remark; Joey says he'll "take it day by day" -- while wearing bunny slippers. Apolo of course gets to talk about his perfect scores and gets cut off by Samantha.

Audience clips, including Florence Henderson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Lance Bass.

First players safe: Laila, John.

Hype for Lisa Rinna and Macy Gray performances. Canton's own Macy acting peculiar, as she so often does.

Rinna, a "Dancing" loser, performs to promote her upcoming Broadway gig in "Chicago." Vocal clearly prerecorded, and bad, although she tries to compensate with aggressive cleavage. I'd still rather watch my DVD of the movie version.

Samantha talks with John and Laila. John thanks baby boomers for voting -- and buying his book ("We've Got it Made in America," I think).

Kimmel segment. Any chance one of these will be funny? Break.

Macy Gray sings her new single. She dedicates her performance to the victims at Virginia Tech. So-so. Closes by telling people her CD is in stores and they should get it.

Segment on costumes and makeup.

Oh, more results! Do they still do those on the show? Apolo and Joey are safe. No shocks so far.

Another break. Then the stars talk about the judges. They don't always like what the judges say.

More results. Clyde is bottom two. Ian is safe. Billy Ray is safe; I credit the "Hannah Montana" vote. Heather is bottom two, probably because of FALLING. But, even then, was better than Clyde.

And the goodbye is to ... Clyde. About time.

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