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''Dancing'' Results (Spoiler)

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 27, 2006

It hasn't been a great year for Harry Hamlin onscreen. Last spring he saw his ''Veronica Mars'' character done away with, and tonight he found himself in the bottom two on ''Dancing With the Stars'' along with Jerry Springer.

And we'll get to hear still more professions of disbelief from Springer, since not even Hamlin's having wife Lisa Rinna in his cheering section was enough to keep him from being told buh-bye.

Neither Hamlin nor Springer had had the lowest marks from the judges, who had been especially snippy during last night's performance show. (See my notes below.) So they must have ranked even lower with viewers.

Not that surprising, either. They've both lacked grace on the dance floor, especially with a lot of showmanship coming from other competitors -- although Sara Evans is pretty bad, too. But, as one commentator noted during tonight's show, Evans seems to unbutton her top a little more every week -- and some viewers are going to want to see how many buttons are left.

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