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"Dancing" Travesty

By admin Published: October 30, 2007

Sabrina B
Sabrina Bryan, who should have been in the finals, was kicked off tonight. Very irked notes from the telecast, below.

(A few thoughts about Tuesday night's "Reaper" are in the post below this one. "Reaper" was written Wednesday morning, but I set its post time for last night so I can keep my "Dancing" rant at the top for a bit longer. This post consists of notes from Tuesday night)

Went out to see "Bee Movie" tonight. Cute and heart-warming, if a little low-key. More about that another time. And now, "Dancing With the Stars" results, which really eat it, after the jump ...

Notes while watching the telecast:

Skipping through most of the filler. Interesting that Jane has gone away again, this time with suspected food poisoning. But she's safe anyway, as are Mel B and Helio. Marie is ... being forced to wait through a break. She, Cameron, Sabrina and Jennie are on the block.

Cameron is bottom two. Jennie is safe. Marie is safe. Sabrina is in the bottom two. This really bites.

Carrie Ann says Cameron has had incredible momentum, and that she would be "devastated" if either he or Sabrina had to go. Len says Sabrina belongs in the finals. Bruno call it "madness" on both counts. But the judges set this up with their dubious scores last night.

Sabrina's out. Crowd boos loudly. She has consistently been one of the two best, or the best, in the competition. And we are left with the likes of Jane, Jennie, Marie and Cameron -- none of whom was in Sabrina's league. Only Mel B and Helio were ever on her level.

As I said last night, the judges hurt her by lowballing her scores to keep the competition close. Obviously they made it closer than they should have. And have left us with a much, much crappier show as a result.

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