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"Dancing" Tuesday

By admin Published: March 18, 2008

Notes from my recording, as it proceeds, after the jump. ...

It's women's night. (I will be skipping through some things to focus on dances, judges, scores.) Introductions of all cast members. Recap of previous night. Chat with judges. No Carolla apology so far.

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough to start. Cha cha. Song: "Shut Up and Drive." She does well on some things but has spaghetti arms. And she doesn't dance as much as sway and pose, and do some impressive spins. Len calls it "a great start to this evening" but says she has to have her legs exactly right, and she didn't straighten her legs. Bruno calls her "a sexy minx" with great natural extension. Carrie Ann says she has great energy and confidence. SE admits afterward that she "messed up a ton." Scores: Straight 7's.

Monica Seles and Jonathan Roberts. Incredibly pessimistic rehearsal video. Fox trot. Song: "Bubbly." She does the acting at the beginning reasonably well but looks stiff and uneasy when she has to dance, and Roberts is doing most of the big stunts. Bruno liked the big romantic tone at the beginning but that it wasn't good as it went along. Len liked the "elegant and gorgeous" opening but also saw later struggles. CA thought "you went for it" and saw "a beautiful delicateness." Scores: Straight 5's.

Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani. She's playing the size card. Fox trot. Song: beats me. ("Dance Floor"?) I am so not contemporary. She has a flashy personality but the dancing didn't seem like much. CA wowed by her personality but didn't see much cha cha. Bruno makes the same complaint, I think. Len was bewitched by the performance, bothered by too much hip-hop and bewildered that she didn't have more to do. Scores: Straight 6's.

Tom chats with the guys. Still no Carolla apology, so I'll stop looking.

Priscilla "Direct From the Wax Museum" Presley. With Louis van Amstel. Fox trot. "Feelin' Good." What is this, an "American Idol" audition? I've seen worse, but her body language was odd in places. Hunchy shoulders, unnecessary steps. Len liked it was "no gimmicks, no props." Bruno calls it "uncompromising, smoking hot" but she needs to work with her shoulders. CA says it proves "age is just a number." Presley smiles briefly before her entire face melts off. All right, that part wasn't true. This time. Scores: Straight 8's.

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas. Fox trot. "The More I See You." Oh, she's going to kill. One glance at her feet, but I can imagine the other women going, "Oh, crap." Bruno says it's "absolutely wicked," one of the best performances ever in a first round. CA says it looked as if she has been doing it her whole life. Len says "the ice maiden has just melted my heart." Samantha raises the issue of whether figure skating gave her an advantage; Kristi tries to play it down, but the knife is in. Scores: Straight 9's.

Marlee Matlin to close, with new guy Fabian Sanchez. Her interpreter is in rehearsal with her; she reads lips but says she gets tired. Does speak some. Rehearsal test of how much she can hear; she can hear the beat occasionally but insists she is "profoundly deaf." Different interpreter at one point?

Cha cha. "Get on Your Feet." She's making sure to keep close eye contact with Fabian, but she's not bad. Some hesitation. But not the worst of the night. CA calls it "almost unbelievable" and "so inspiring," likes the fluidity and makes clear she's not giving MM a free pass. Len also liked but says she has to watch her arms. Bruno calls it "life affirming." But scores are little tepid: 7's from Len and CA, 8 from Bruno.

Recap. Scoring capsule. And good night.

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