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"Dancing w/Stars" Results

By admin Published: May 1, 2007

Just sat through a decent "American Idol," so I'm wondering how much of a "Dancing" results show I can stand. My notes may be brief. ...

If you don't want to read the whole thing, John Ratzenberger was voted off. And now the live post...

Recap. A long one. Leaderboard. (See last night's post, which also includes an explanation of how the judges' votes are counted.) Encore dance -- decided on a coin flip between Laila and Joey -- goes to Laila.

Meat Loaf to perform. (Tom Bergeron notes that Meat is performing after "the vegan is gone.") "Bat Out of Hell." Not a great number for accompaniment by the pro dancers. Samantha chats with Ian and Joey. Len Goodman skits with Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice. I am channel-hopping.

Back for results. Laila is safe. No kidding. John Ratzenberger is in the bottom two. More flipping. Back for part of the young dancers. More chat. Billy Ray Cyrus says he told Ratzenberger "I'll see you in a little bit." More of this Kenny Mayne-Jerry Rice nonsense.

I should have watched "Veronica Mars" and just flipped over for the last five minutes.

More "Meat Loaf," plugging his new single. Kimmel segment.

Results. Apolo is safe. Another break. Those bogus-seeming audience comments.

Results. Suspense stretched even though it's pretty clear who's in the bottom two. Not Ian, not Joey. Yup, Billy Ray. And then another break.

And back for one more time. John's out. Oh, well. Billy Ray is again spared; that "Doc"/"Hannah Montana" constituency came through. And I'm out.

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