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"Dancing w/Stars" Wednesday

By admin Published: April 24, 2007

Last night it seemed as if the judges are giving Billy Ray Cyrus and Heather Mills a lot of slack, while pushing John Ratzenberger out the door. Let's see how it ends up, after the jump ...

Recap. Leaderboard. Encore dance is the group swing dance. Break. Joss Stone sings. Very soulful, as should be expected. I am happy just listening to her without watching the pro dancers.

Audience members offer their comments. Actual results: Apolo and Laila are safe. Both deservedly so.

Performance by "Dreamgirls" movie dancers. "Steppin' to the Bad Side." Good steps, but the movie's total number is better. (See it on DVD on May 1.)

Backstage chat with the safe dancers. Samantha wants to know who would win a fight -- as if no one has noticed that Laila is about three feet taller than Apolo. Samantha also makes a short joke at Apolo's expense.

The weekly tiresome Kimmel bit.

Joss Stone sings again. Still very soulful. I'd buy her CDs.

Clips of contestants getting "stir crazy."

More results: Joey is still safe. John is in bottom two.

Clips about performance preparations. (Ratzenberger reads. For some reason, the audience finds that amusing.)

More results. Ian is safe. Billy Ray is safe. That puts Heather in the bottom two. Then, of course, a break.

Heather is out. All that "you're so brave" stuff from the judges obviously didn't work with viewers. And Heather has already written her farewell notes. Among other things, she urges the audience to "go vegan."

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