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"Dancing With the Stars"

By admin Published: September 22, 2008


All right, so Cloris Leachman hijacked the entirety of "Dancing With the Stars" for an extended period, but "DWTS" has a tradition of wacky contestants. I want to make note of Lacey Schwimmer, above, ...

... who is Lance Bass's partner. Not only have she and Bass given the best performance so far (even if they made Len's fuddiness boil over) but she brings a "So You Think You Can Dance" pedigree to "DWTS," which should make things a bit livelier. Tonight she and Bass were, and that was a nice contrast to disappointments like Rocco DiSpirito and Ted McGinley. And Jeffrey Ross! Oh, my goodness. Even comic relief has its limits. Speaking of ballroom, indeed.

At least Ross's 12 was not the worst score ever in "DWTS" history. Master P had an 8. Yes, total. A 4 and 2 2's.

Does anyone want to ponder why Kim Kardashian has "terrible balance"? Hmm? Susan Lucci, bleh. Pretty minimal movement, and I don't like her.

On the plus side, Tom Bergeron is once again demonstrating how good he is. Should have gotten that reality-host Emmy.

Horrible makeup on Misty May-Treanor. Her face looked better when she was playing beach volleyball. And my hope that she would be a good dancer appears to have been misplaced.

Holy crap, Warren Sapp! Very impressive start. I still think Lance Bass was best of the night, but Sapp is definitely a contender.

Well, I was going to do a summary when the show was over, and then I thought I'd just post that note about Lacey Schwimmer, and next thing I knew, this was an ongoing post. I guess the new season is really back on us.

To deal with dancers from before I started posting in earnest: Toni Braxton was OK but I thought the judges overpraised her. Brooke Burke also get better marks from the judges than I would have given, mainly because Derek did most of the work. Maurice Greene was OK. Cody Linley had possibilities. Cloris Leachman had no business on the floor; she was there for the laughs afterward.

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