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"Dancing With the Stars" Final 3

By admin Published: May 19, 2008

In progress notes after the jump. ....

Cha cha -- all to the same song -- and freestyle night. As Tom and Samantha talk, Jason and Cristian urge the crowd to greater frenzy. Drawing for order. Cristian first, Jason second, Kristi third. Practice videos, including group rehearsal where they can see each other's routines.

Cristian and Cheryl. Very disco. "Dancing on the Ceiling." Good steps and Cheryl is working it. But Cristian still favors the arm. Enter Jason and Edyta. Slinky. A little more formal than Cristian and Cheryl, more guarded in the movements -- until Jason leapfrogs Edyta. Still not as good as C/C. And now Kristi and Mark. There's no contest. K&M are killing. Group reforms, ending with Jason and Cristian lifting Kristi over their heads, which is where she belongs.

Len praises everyone, but doesn't feel that Latin is Jason's thing -- and Kristi is "the complete package." Bruno says they all did well; praises Cristian's improvement (uh oh, the journey!), a little iffy about Jason, Kristi "in a class of your own." Carrie Ann says back to back you get to see who's best -- thought Cristian's injury affects his posture, gentle praise for Jason and Kristi "won that hands down."

Scores for Cristian/Cheryl: 8 from CA, 9 from Len and Bruno. 26. Then a break.

Jason/Edyta: Straight 8s. 24.

Kristi/Mark: Straight 10s. 30. Kaboom.

More footage of Kristi and Mark. Mention of his dislocated shoulder from last season, risks with jumps, Julianne Hough stops by. Repeated references to men having won the last four seasons. And here we go. Nice moves, including moonwalk. Little slow on the lifts and flips. Cha cha was better. Bruno says it was demanding and difficult and they made it look easy. CA says she was a big crowd pleaser. Len says it held his attention from start to finish and "I absolutely loved it." Scores: More straight 10s. A perfect 60 total.

Jason and Edyta. With a very big beach ball. And "Miami" as the song. Some good moves but I keep thinking he's lost something along the way. A little too studied at times; a lot was said early with Kristi about having fun and emotion, and she found it. Not sure Jason has. But no one is going to beat him at lifts. And the shirt removal at the end probably got some major votes. CA calls it fantastic and "funky." Len also praises the lifts. Bruno said it was like watching centerfolds, plenty of fun and "great lifts." Scores: After all that verbal love, straight 9s. Total: 51.

Cristian/Cheryl. Lively, big spins but one-armed. I figured he would be better than Jason but I don't think he pulled it off. Lots more shaking than dancing. Len liked the flavor but notes that the others did better lifts -- has to consider that regardless of the reason. (Interesting that he's being strict after being so lenient with Marissa Jaret Winokur based on difficulty of her routines.) Bruno praises his Latin fire. CA says it's a time to judge who's going to win it; he's a winner in a lot of ways but not as good as Kristi. Scores: 9s from CA and Bruno, 8 from Len. 52 total. Not a commanding lead over Jason/Edyta but I suspect Cristian has a passionate voting base.

And on we go to tomorrow night.

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