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"Dancing With the Stars" Notebook

By admin Published: April 30, 2008


Goodbye, Shannon and Derek. A Monday/Tuesday wrap-up after the jump.

I skipped most of Tuesday's show, just checking the results. Seems about right, although I think Shannon and Derek would have gone home even with better judges' scores. I mean, they lost to a couple that couldn't even finish the second dance!
The replays of The Meltdown and the numerous apologies made clear that they had mightily displeased fans. And it looks as if Marissa Jaret Winokur has one more week before she's gone.

As for Monday's performances, I only saw bits and pieces during Monday's show, while I was fighting to get online. So I've stepped into the Wayback Machine for these notes on replay...

First up: Marissa and Tony. Tango. Good start. Lots of precision in her movements. But no passion. Judges give straight 9s, which seems high. Tony has caught Marissa's frenetic fever.

Cristian and Cheryl. Viennese waltz. He probably got a zillion votes with that wink at the beginning. You know, I haven't said much about song butchery in some time, but the abrupt transition on "I'll Make Love to You" is sure a reason to gripe. Elegant dance, although Cristian at times seems too stiff, but they play well with each other. Scores: 8s from Len and Carrie Ann, 9 from Bruno. What's this Samantha comment about Cristian and Bruno having a "special relationship"?

Kristi and Mark. Another Viennese waltz. With umbrella and Mark in a military uniform. I half expect the song to be "Up Where We Belong." They are so fiercely good. If MJW deserved straight 9s, this should get some 11s.

Insert "Spinal Tap" reference of your choice here.

CA says her turns were off. Len didn't like "all that mincing around" at the start. Bruno begins to argue. But it seems they're trying to slow down a Kristi runaway. Scores: 9s from Bruno and CA, 8 from Len. Nonsense. Samantha notes this is their first score below 9. Also brings up that this was the point where Mark and seeming favorite Sabrina Bryan were eliminated. She's quite the interrogator these days, isn't she?

Mario and Karina. Fox trot. His arms look awkward as he starts. But once he and Karina are in contact, things get much better. Still, some missteps and he can't keep his back straight. Scores: Straight 8s. Now, I like Mario, but how does Len give both this and Kristi the same score.

Doug and Wendy Whiner. That is, Derek and Shannon. Replay of their complaints. Shannon again apologizes. Tango. They seem off-synch. Some clumsy footwork by Shannon. Judges' comments have a certain chill. The rant a week ago is obviously not forgotten. Straight 9s.

Jason and Edyta. Quick step. Great jump to start. Nice upper-body work, with some flat-footedness. Good finish. CA declares it entirely fantastic. Scores: 10s from CA and Bruno, 9 from Len.

Second dance. Marissa and Tony. Rumba. Kind of low-key. One point where she drops before he's ready. Pleasant but not all that good. Scores: 9 from CA, 8s from Len and Bruno. 52 total.

Cristian and Cheryl. Samba. I know what's coming, so I think I'll just let any judgment of the dance go. Although it does start very well. He's very flat-footed though, and the spins aren't always smooth. Not sure, but it seems in retrospect that he's not moving his arm well early in the dance, as if the pain came on gradually. Then he's clearly in trouble while Cheryl keeps dancing. Standing, flexing his arm, trying to get back in the dance, obviously in difficulty. Says he pulled a muscle. Bergeron legitimately concerned. They go to a break. About five minutes of commercials ensue. Bergeron says an EMT called it a severe muscle cramp.* Then asks judges about how you mark this; the answer is that you judge up until the injury occurred. Judges make "how brave" noises, then pop him with straight 7s -- very low if they're judging what he did before getting hurt. Total: 46.

Kristi and Mark. Cha cha. Not her best at first but a monster middle and finish. Bergeron says, "Whatever you're eating, I want some." Len immediately starts dogging them, Bruno argues, Len insists he's "not a fan of that boogaloo/hip-hop." Bruno says kids are going to love it. Scores: CA and Bruno go 10, Len goes 8. I'm not a fan of that boogaloo score. Total: 54.

Mario and Karina. Mambo. Very slick, although a lot of the time Mario seems so focused on his movement that there's not a sense of a personal connection to Karina. Scores: Straight 9s. Total of 51. (And Len's 8 for Kristi seems even more suspect.)

Shannon and Derek. Mambo. Much booty-shaking in front of the judges. But when they get on the floor, a lot of it looks clumsy, with some jumpiness. This is where you see how gawky Shannon can be, a victim of her long and thin-looking body. With this makeup, there's a touch of Olive Oyl to her. CA is not sure what to say, then says some of the lines are awkward. And so on. Shannon later admits she has a fake butt and "fake everywhere." Scores: Straight 8s. 51 total. Again, if that's an 8 for Len, why was Kristi an 8?

I know, I'm being redundant.

Jason and Edyta. Paso doble. In Dolphins colors, to the "Monday Night Football" theme. Corporate synergy! This doesn't seem as assured as their first dance, and there are more rough spots. Scores: 9s from CA and Bruno, 8 from Len. Total is 55, tops for the night.

*The Tuesday diagnosis is a ruptured tendon needing surgery, but Cristian said he plans to keep trying.

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