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"Dancing With the Stars" Notes

By admin Published: April 21, 2009

I've been doing this and that and so haven't posted about last night's performance show on "DWTS" ...

... and I'll be at a movie screening this evening, so my comments on the results and on tonight's "American Idol" will be late as well. But I couldn't put off posting the photo above, from the group dance, although some of you might have preferred a shot of Chuck's extended breast-grab during their performance. [UPDATE: TMZ has a video capture of it.]

As for the show overall, it was one of those nights when the judges tried to love everyone, but who made me feel as if every other contestant was done once they dropped a 29 on Melissa to lead off the show. And, once again, while she is proficient technically, I am not getting much from her in the way of passion and charisma. Shawn Johnson is her superior because she does the steps and there's some emotion with them.

Lil' Kim, whom I like a lot, had an off night; if she hadn't tried so hard to tone things down to appease Len, she would have been much better. And trying to please Len is for the most part a no-win anyway; look at all the grumpy "hectic" complains he has made about Gilles. Who was very good, and still has a great shot at the finals, but wasn't as stunning as he has been sometimes. Chuck was better than I remember him being, although that outfit looked like a tribute to Hef's pajamas. Ty tries hard but doesn't dazzle me. LT is workmanlike but not great. Group dance had cute parts, but for me are one of the least interesting parts of the show. And isn't it convenient that it wasn't done until the last of the weakest contestants was gone?

That's what I've got. See you after the movie tonight.

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