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"Dancing With the Stars" Notes

By admin Published: May 26, 2010

This morning I caught up with the key moments from last night's "Dancing With the Stars" and think the show made a reasonable cboice of a champion. Elaboration after the jump.

Short version: Evan lost it.

Yes, there were times when the judges lowballed him, including during the first dance on Monday night's show. But he missed two big opportunities. The first was during the free-style on Monday, where he and Anna were out of synch. The second was during the final dance on Tuesday. To be sure, he was already behind at that point, but he did not improve his situation with a tepid performance, especially in comparison to Nicole's rambunctious final dance. Evan and Nicole have been the top two dancers in the competition, but he didn't step up when he should have.

As I said in my previous post, I was worried that Evan might end up in third place after Monday night, when the judges were giving Erin high praise; as I said, she had the edge on the other finalists when it comes to the journey -- and the judges again on Tuesday gave her high marks for having made so much progress during the series. But the first dance on Tuesday night underscored again that, even when she was kind of good, she was not as good as Evan or Nicole.

As for the rest of Tuesday's show, I skipped large parts of it, including the reunion dances, although I did tune in for Kate Gosselin. Can't help myself. Of course, she was awful on both dances. My only question was, did she get worse or have I just forgotten how bad she was before?

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