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"Dancing With the Stars" Notes

By admin Published: November 9, 2010

After the jump, why things on the show are getting a little scary ...

Well, Kurt Warner has gone home and Bristol Palin has survived another week. Yes, Bristol has improved, and she seems to have put a lot of work into the show. But we have now gone through several weeks where she has arguably been the worst dancer on the show and has still survived the vote -- thanks to what has to be sizable audience support.

Now we are down to four dancers. Three belong there: Brandy, Jennifer and Kyle have all given some spectacular performances, and Kyle elbowed his way into serious contention against the other two on Monday night. I do understand Maks's irritation on Monday because it appeared that the judges were knocking down Brandy not because she was less than perfect but because that set up a flat tie with Jennifer. (I have noted in previous seasons that judges' scores at times appear designed to suggest a close competition, and to encourage more viewer voting, especially in the later portions of a season.)

I won't weep that Kurt didn't make it another round, because he did not appear able to win. But I do worry that Bristol's repeatedly beating the judges' scores is an indication that she has an adamantine constituency that could keep her around when one of the big three -- or, if we look over the last many weeks, the big two of Jennifer and Brandy -- is sent home.

Of course, talent shows like this and "American Idol" often have situations where the viewers vote for their favorites, even when those favorites are not the best competitors. Just like other, bigger elections. And Bristol does have the "journey" thing going for her -- steady improvement coupled with repeated reminders that she has no dance training. But hasn't she gotten quite far enough?

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