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''Dancing With the Stars'' Results

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 20, 2006

First the divorce, now this: Shanna Moakler and her pro partner Jesse De Soto got the sack on tonight's show.

But that's less of a story than the survival of Ohio's own Jerry Springer, who was not even in the bottom two. (Willa Ford was there with Moakler) With a radio show and a syndicated TV series, he has pretty much begged people to vote him off this show. And the judges at least obliged this week, giving Springer and his partner the lowest scores.

But there he is, sustained by viewer votes. I am sure there are mischief-makers among those voters. But I also suspect some folks prefer him to, at least, Moakler and Ford.

As for ''Dancing'' overall, I am reminded of something the bride said after the premiere a week ago. ''I'm getting addicted to this show,'' she said, ''and I don't want to.''

I understand the feeling. Our TV schedules -- let alone the lives we wrap around them -- are already pretty full. Busy days at work. I spent a couple of hours at a church meeting last night, and caught up with ''Dancing'' in bits and pieces last night and this morning. Both DVRs are well filled with shows they managed to record without a hitch, and some of the weekend will have to be used for catch-up -- especially since I'll be watching and recording still more things tomorrow night.

But we are getting addicted. Let's face it, a lot of ''Dancing'' is lousy. The hour-long results show is outrageously padded; I especially wonder about all the performances by the professional dancers, which serve to remind us how amateurish the non-pros are. (At least they showcase the pros on a different night.) This may be why I'm not so interested in ''Celebrity Duets,'' although I have tried to watch. The really good vocalists on there can make the amateurs look sick, even though I have seen some generous underplaying by the fulltime singers. I mean, it doesn't matter how hard you try; if you're onstage with Smokey Robinson, the only way you're not toast is if you're Smokey Robinson.

More gripes: I don't buy some of the shtick from the judges.  And you have to sit through dancers like Tucker Carlson (ousted first), Sara Evans (who just doesn't look comfortable) and Harry Hamlin (makes me think of a RIchard Pryor comment in ''Silver Streak'').

On the other hand, watching the dancers can be kind of interesting. (I should note here that we are also addicted to ''Shall We Dance,'' the Richard Gere-Jennifer Lopez ballroom movie, and I went through a period years ago when I had to pause every time I hit ''Strictly Ballroom'' while channel-hopping.) We talk about footwork, we look at the chemistry, we discuss. We can be impressed -- and have been at times by Joey Lawrence, Mario Lopez, Emmitt Smith, Vivica A. Fox. We have even talked, more than once, about dancing lessons.

So far that's still just talk. (Have I mentioned that we have busy lives?) But in a way that just doesn't happen with ''American Idol'' or ''Celebrity Duets'' or ''The Amazing Race'' -- because one of us just will not do the food challenges -- ''Dancing With the Stars'' presents an activity that I can imagine the bride and me doing. Maybe not as well as Joey Lawrence on a good night. That guy has obviously studied ballroom dancers, not just dance. But still doable. And I have much better hair.

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